Results for London Park-O - Alexandra Park & Highgate & Queens Woods - Sunday 30 September 2007

These are FINAL results. 


Planner's Comments

I enjoyed planning on this areas which I didn't know very well and which we hadn't used for 8 or 9 years. Many thanks to Janet Biggs for the re-mapping work which was considerable, given that we didn't have an OCAD version of all of the map so had to start by tracing it in.

For those who ran the longer courses and enjoyed the railway line leg and views, I am glad the weather was so kind and perhaps you saw for miles (unless you were head-down in the map!).

Most comments I heard at the event suggested people enjoyed the courses and it was good to see several newcomers to the sport, who we hope had a good experience and will come back soon!

Many thanks to David Rosen for Controlling (including control collecting which is surely beyond the call of duty), and to Pete Sacares, Miriam Rosen and Ronan and Julie Cleary for control hanging / collecting.

Glen Jones  (PS - next LOK event - Boxing Day Score Event (Trent Park) and then Holmbury Hill Regional Event (24 Feb 2008)

Organiser's Comments

It was good to get another of London’s open spaces back into the orienteering calendar after such a long time, and we hope you enjoyed the lovely late summer outing to all three spaces. 
As orienteering here was new to the current incumbents responsible for overseeing these areas, it did involve having to convince one of them that that your feet were actually going to cause less damage than some of the locals. I shall be writing to them to see if they can tell where we have been, and will probably be using their replies the next time a landowner asks about the environmental impact.

To all the ‘independents’ that came along today, and you made up 33% of the total, we hope you enjoyed the orienteering. It was good to see so many youngsters, passer-bys and first-timers enjoying the day – for details of events, and they happen virtually every weekend, have a look at the fixtures list that covers all of London and the surrounding counties ….

Neil Brooks

Summary Results (no splits)

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String Course Results 

Name Age Club Time (min)
Esme Dawson 5 ind 11
Catri Minty 5 LOK 13
Michael Layhe 5 ind 12
Nicholas Layhe 2 ind 21
Louis Dawson 3 ind 13
Belle Overton-Farnham 4 ind 23
Isaac Overton-Farnham 4 ind 18
Isabel Minty 4 LOK 23
Sam Boyer 5 ind 11
Theo Jones 7 LOK 11
Caitlin O'Reilly 5 ind 20
Finbar Kane 5 ind 20
Zoe Bradley 5 ind 20
Natty Cahill Coady 5 ind 20
Georgina Bradley 3 ind 20
Gabriel Cahill Coady 3 ind 20
Nicolas Candy 6 ind 20
Sarah Candy 4 ind 20
India Emery 3 ind 24
Holiday Ansar Robins 4 ind 12
Zoe Marsland 2 SLOW 32
Maya Charlesworth 7 ind 12
Paloma Charlesworth 5 ind 12
Esme Charlesworth 3 ind 12
Cameron McGeary 7 ind 19
Rory McGeary 5 ind 18
Matthew Lefevre 8 ind 10
Eloise Sacares 7 LOK 19
Phoebe Sacares 5 LOK 19
Leo Franchi 3 ind 17
Nina Franchi 2 ind 18
Ben Gostick 2 HH 18
Alice Hathway 3 ind 16
Eliza Goldstone 3 ind 18
Tamsin Jacobs 3 ind 25
Amy Barnes-Watson 3 ind 25
Freddie Goldstone 6 ind 11

Photos of the Event