Results for LOK Hampstead Heath District Event - Sunday 10 Sept 2006

These are final results.

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Planner's Comments

It really is a pleasure to plan on the Heath where I run most Thursdays with the LOK training group - and as I set off this morning to hang controls at 06.30 with fresh dew and the sun just rising on such a glorious day, I could only marvel at the glory of nature and how lucky I was to be out there while most of London was still waking up!

Planning this event took a bit longer than I anticipated as I worked closely with Simon Errington over several iterations of the courses. His advice was invaluable and my considerable thanks go to him for his advice, patience and considerable help in all aspects of the planning process, not least in OCAD-ing the map to a convenient A4 size.

The map was printed on Pretex waterproof paper - our second event on waterproof paper after the Frolic at Trent Park in the summer - of course it hasn't rained at either event so it's hard to judge that aspect of the map, although if you have any doubts over water resistance try putting the map in your bath tonight! - as to quality of printing though, I felt it looked and worked well, and I deliberately used 1 map all day for all control hanging and it was folded many times and scrunched into a pocket and survived with no noticeable reduction in legibility. I would be interested in feedback (, but based on our experience to date LOK will probably continue to use this format and avoid plastic bags for the future.

My thanks to Ronan, Matt and Nick for turning up promptly and hanging all their controls efficiently and accurately, also to Andrew, John, Kristina and Brittany for helping collect them at the end. Thanks to Camilla and Andrew for faultless SI management and Neil for ruthless efficiency in the organisation. Also to Iain for the String and Catherine and Anne for the usual efficient management of the Registration. And finally to David Rosen for remapping earlier this year.

It was good to see Julie Cleary at an O event and we are all glad to see the progress she is making towards resuming her usual winning form.

To all who took part - I hope you enjoyed your day! 

Glen Jones

Organiser's Comments

Firstly, thanks must go to the ever-helpful City of London Corporation for their continuing support of our orienteering events on the Heath – long may that continue.

Secondly, with almost exactly the same number of competitors (142) as the event here in 2005, what surprised me today was the number of new orienteers who turned up, and who were genuinely pleased with having completed their courses. In fact, the number of independent runners made-up over 25% of the competitors, a marked increase over 2005 – this just goes to show that orienteering can attract new interest if it’s easy to access (and the sun’s out!). 

And a note for next time … maybe I need to leaflet the groups and individuals who I saw taking part in their own runs on the Heath throughout the day, and get them to try a bit of ‘cunning running’ for a change!

Neil Brooks

Summary Results (no splits)

Results with split times




String Course 
Name Age Club Time
Hannah Freeman 2 HH 19:50
Jonathan Cunnane 1.5 TVOC 19:30
Danny Horner 7 Ind 7:35
Olly Horner 10 Ind 7:00
Elisa 2.5 Ind 20:00
Georgina 4 Ind 30:00
Bogle 18 mo Ind 30:00
Gemma 7 Ind 13:10
Phoebe 5 Ind 15:10
Jessica 10 Ind 15:10
Juhaba 4 Rosenby 15:00
Matthew 7 Ind 20:00
Cassie 3 Ind 20:00
Harriet Redington 3 LOK 30:00
Jamie Redington 1 LOK 30:00

Hot a day at registration

Whilst stringers get to grips with the task in hand