Results for LOK Frolic - Sunday 28th June 2009

These are FINAL results - 2 July - updated 07:20 - no more amendments possible

Planner's Report

Having taken over as LOK Chairman in November last year I set myself the task of introducing some new areas …… ‘new’ is a point-of-view, as whilst we could find no previous evidence of the Horsenden have been mapped, several orienteers remember someone in the past planning to map or maybe actually starting the mapping of the Hill …… anyway, I’m still calling it a new area as the west side is definitely bigger than it was 20 years ago, being as it contains some more recent reclaimed brown land.

Mike Elliot (MV) did an excellent job mapping the area for us, putting in as much detail as possible to help spice-up what is a rather green area to the east. The ‘green’ and need to show even minor paths resulted in my decision to print at 1:5,000 …… even then it was necessary to tone-down the green and widen the purple lines to make it clearer, without circles or lines becoming confusing – whilst not entirely successful, I’ve set myself a task to try some alternative colour variations to aid subsequent planners.

The courses were slightly shorter than I had originally envisaged, but without crossing the road or needlessly taking you further south, I was slightly constrained by the area. To compensate there was possibly more climb than normal, and I did enter more controls to minimise you running the same path more than once. Having said that, a winning time of 21:00 looks perfect for a light green to me.

Control 5 on the Yellow threw some as the path is mapped as same size as the path it left, but the difference between being in the open to being in the dark green was maybe to advanced for Yellow – maybe should have taped turning?

I know that many on the Frolic had difficulty going from 13 to 14, looking for the north-heading path just east of the car park – this path was there, but had become significantly overgrown, however some did follow it. 

A few tweaks required to the map around Frolic controls 1 and 5; thank you for this feedback – feel free to pass on any addition ones.

A fantastic turnout – looks like some clubs just WANT THAT TROPHY! 115 competitors exceeded expectations, so may thanks for letting us re-cycle your maps …. in addition to a PDF vsn on the site, I am re-printing on waterproof paper for those that left details, and they’ll be posted later this week.

Finally, our thanks to Ealing council and West Ranger Team for being supportive of the event, and allowing us to use the area for a reasonable rate …. I’m sure they’ll find no sign of our visit, and welcome us back again.

That’s it …. many thanks for making my first planning an enjoyable one!

Neil Brooks (

Found at Download …… Yellow map with Silva Type 19 compass attached. To reclaim …..

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