Results for Hampstead Heath Score Event - Thursday 17 June 2010

Organiser's Comments

… yet another sunny LOK event …. how do we do it you may ask!

I think the temperature dropped just enough to make for a not-too-hot run, and a good turnout for a not-too-easy commute north of the Thames – 71 on the Open + 75 ActivityMix competitors.

We had one of our rare control vandalisms, number 186 ‘way out east’ (that’s the right side of the map for those who haven’t mastered the compass thing yet!). One of the ActivityMix bods saw an adult on a bike take the stake and cycle off …. but not to be out-smarted, the two event controllers, Ronan & Julie Cleary, went off in search of the missing control, given that it was worth 150! A bit of investigation and door-to-door enquiries (asking fishermen!), and the control was located and dragged out of a pond! Future events will include ‘shot on sight’ permission!

If you feel you’ve caught the bug for a bit of after-work evening fun, then do look at the Park Race site for other events happening in June and July in London …. and then maybe you’ll fancy a step-up to some Sunday morning orienteering …. another series kicks off next week …. The London Frolics Series … a silly name maybe, but even novices can win as it’s a handicap series.

Lost property: one ‘Shell revitalise’ water bottle … maybe belonging to a BP team member? If yours, let me know and I could pass on at the next Park Race

Neil Brooks

Planner's Comments

What a wonderful area to have, yet in the middle of our capital city. I have been running on the Heath most weeks for around 12 years and have seen it in many weathers, but last night it was looking splendid and I hope you enjoyed and appreciated it. I was a bit busy collecting controls to hear many after-race comments, but there don't seem to have been any particular gripes and fortunately the control that went missing did so very late in the day. My thanks to Ronan and Julie Cleary for first class controlling (as usual), to Matt and Pete for control hanging & collecting, and to Neil and Anne Power for seamless organisation.

Glen Jones


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