Results for Leith Hill Compass Sport Cup & Trophy – Sunday 24 January 2010

These are PROVISIONAL results. 

Compass Sport Cup & Trophy Results

Results updated 22:00, 25/1/10 as EOD competitors weren’t reporting their age class, and hence were being ignored in the results.  The overall positions were unaffected, although GO moved to within 2 points of MV.

·         SO win the Cup round with 2317 points, 70 points ahead of SN.

·         All Cup clubs had 25 scoring runners except SLOW with 24.

·         MV win Trophy round with 1264, 6 points ahead of GO, both being the only clubs to have 13 scoring runners.

·         451 competitors on the day … only 20 DNS from the pre-entered.

Feel free to scrutinise the results … let me know if you see any errors.

Thanks to Graham Tough (SWOC) for updating his scoring software to handle the new rules … made our life simple, and allowed results to be displayed during the event.


Controller’s Comments

About 12 years ago I used to live not that far from Leith Hill. It was possible to run from my front door to the tower and back home in under 2 hours without really touching much road. More often than not, however, I would take the lazy option and drive there. Running at Leith Hill in winter was far preferable to the clay paths near to where I lived; for the most part Leith Hill drains well and the paths don’t really get bogged down. It is therefore an area I have come to enjoy and was very happy to say yes to the request from LOK to control the event. Now that results are out I am not sure that GO’s team captain is that sure as GO appear to have lost the CompassSport Trophy competition by only 2 points, and I may have counted if I had run……


Paul’s courses on the day were largely as initially presented to me. I didn’t need to suggest too many changes and for the most part I think he got it about right. Leith Hill is a technical area, in places probably the best you can get in the South East. As such the courses should have challenged most competitors, with mistakes potentially being costly if relocation was not obvious. It was a fitting area to use for this competition, and I hope the successful clubs find the area used for the final offers something similar.


Over the years I have ran at Leith Hill I have noticed the number of paths appear to have exploded as mountain bikers have taken to the area, to such an extent that it is really quite hard to keep the map up to date with the ever-changing network. The World Cup in 2005 and more recent JK left a fairly solid base map but Paul Todd still needed to make a number of updates to paths, vegetation and National Trust fencing. I think we got most of them around the control sites, although off to the East of the cricket ground on the brown course I suspect that there were many more indistinct paths than could be shown on the map.


The number of green courses was clearly a problem. I checked the map layout at the start, checked the maps were in the correct boxes, checked that the start team instructions were reasonably clear. Nevertheless there seems to have been some confusion. Perhaps there were other things we could have done to make it more obvious, perhaps adding a course number as well, but I do apologise to those few who inadvertently picked up an incorrect map.


Keith Tonkin (GO)


Organiser’s Comments

Well, mid Jan event, only practical car park is a field with no entrance track (except for 4x4), coldest winter for a number of years, 2” of snow on the field four days before the event, but you know what, this is an LOK event, and we ALWAYS book good weather for our neighbouring clubs ……. and so it was!


After such a fantastic day in terms of terrain. courses and weather, we hope you will look back and say ‘eye, 2010 was a special Cup and Trophy event, LOK did us proud and rolled out the (muddy) carpet for us!’.  Two weeks ago this was a long way from where I expected to be on this day, as Britain froze, and all Cup/Trophy organisers looked to their crystal balls and debated whether to go ahead or not.  We instigated a contingency plan, and after marrying up house moves, holidays, important national events and the SEOA fixture list, agreed an alternative date with DFOK, which would have involved them sacrificing their Westerham event in March – fortunately it wasn’t required, but nevertheless, our thanks to DFOK for being so generous.


With the on/off/on/off, it wasn’t until the day before that we actually built the road in to field, finishing 30 min before Mr Portaloo arrived …. until this hardcore had been laid, under Nick Vass’s watchful eye, 2-wheel drive cars could only get 2 wheels off the road before they sank in to the mud.  And as for that 100m+ of luxurious carpet …. you’d have been slipping and sliding (and sinking!) without it!


All the pre-work was worth it though!  Fantastic comments about the map accuracy and courses, 425 pre-entries made the on-the-day stuff relatively painless.  With LOK being a small club, and most volunteers involved in ‘carpet’ duties, we called upon HH to run the Start for us, so thanks to their stalwart members for their assistance.


Small note to the two competitors who didn’t get split times printed ….. it was because you started before the course opened at 10:30 …. OE settings changed and you should see you results now.


Final thank yous:

·         Keith Tonkin (GO) for controlling and sacrificing a run for GO (those 6 points could have made all the difference!)

·         Peaslake School for the catering and ‘Landy’ duty for the few sunk-in-the-grass cars

·         The Evelyn Wooton estate and National Trust for the use of their land

·         Laurence Matthews for the use of his field – trust the Belted Galloways find no trace of us when they return in March!


Lost property:

·         1 x telescopic walking pole

·         1 x compass

·         1 Gore Running Wear left glove

·         1 x pair of sunglasses


Neil Brooks –

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