Results for LOK Holmbury Hill Regional Event - Sunday 4 March 2007

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SI Comments

These results are now final and there are links below to the rankings page and the Badge times are shown at the foot of this page.

We had one control failure - control 136. It was replaced and so many of you will not have noticed, but for those that did suffer from this, apologies. We have inserted this control manually - so your total time is correct but the split times for the relevant legs to and from control 136 are of course invalid.

We aimed to have 4 PCs at the event, 2 acting as download stations with till printers and a laser printer generating results on the day. In the event I forgot that the Consortium printers all have parallel connectors whereas most modern laptops don't have these any more. So we actually used just 2 laptops, and only one download station with till printer. I think the download process went pretty smoothly with no significant queueing at any time - my reflection is that with the till printers being very quick, one can comfortably handle an entry field of 500 (as we had) with just one, so long as queries are moved immediately to one side at download for resolving out of the main 'flow'.

I am sorry that there were no results immediately on the day, but the weather was so inclement that I am not sure all that many of you would have been standing around discussing them anyway!.

Our registration process for entry on the day was slightly disorganised at the outset but got sorted thereafter -those who filled in the EOD form in the rain under a flapping tarpaulin will be glad to learn that we are putting some of the event proceeds towards some new Klubb tents !

The map was printed on Pretex waterproof paper from Quickmap in Germany. It was our third event on waterproof paper, but the first in which it was really tested - and I think we all know how thoroughly it was tested!  I would be very interested in any feedback on the map paper - I heard no complaints (which was encouraging) but perhaps you have a view

Thank you very much to the small but hardy group of volunteers that manned this event - given the almost continuous rain and the small number of helpers, I think it generally went pretty well. I hope you enjoyed it!

Glen Jones  (PS - next LOK event - SE Relays 20 May - click for flyer)

Planner's Comments

[NB: All references to "I" refer to Pete; all references to "we" refer to both of us]

So, as the Irish fella said, "I wouldn't start from here". Nope, and we wouldn't have made you all start 1km from assembly had we known we would have to park on the forest tracks. Some of you guessed that the parking was originally intended for the Peaslake area (NW corner of the map) - you guessed correctly. All options in that area fell through and we only got the go-ahead to use the forest tracks 5 weeks before the event - the courses were virtually finalised by that stage and we decided the risks involved in a complete re-plan within the time constraints were not worth it. However, we had expected the parking on the tracks to be more compact around the reservoir, leaving a maximum 1.7km to/from the start/finish for only the very latest arrivals; we know some people had a bit more than this which is obviously not ideal - we hope you can understand the circumstances which led to this.

Holmbury is not the most technical area, but does test most O-techniques, in particular compass-work, and concentration! Our intention for all TD5 courses was to ensure you all had to navigate accurately, in terrain, for as much of the course as possible. Almost every comment we heard on the day or afterwards implied that we achieved this aim. Thank you all who took the trouble to let us know what you thought. There were varying comments about the runnability of the area - the whole spectrum from "It's very physical" to "It's very runnable". We're still of the opinion that, for the vast majority of legs, the best route was pre-marked on the map for you in magenta.

We had one "issue" regarding the courses/controls. We had a comment regarding the proximity and placement of 2 sites: 108 (knoll) and 159 (veg. boundary), in relation to BO rule 6.2.3 (the "30m rule") and 6.3.2 (the "hiding rule"). Two competitors mispunched here - punching 108 instead of 159. Keith initially alerted us to the the "vagueness" of the vegetation boundary, and the fact that there were a couple more knolls (albeit smaller) on the ground than on the map. We went ahead with the use of both sites after agreeing a "fair", highly visible (from the expected direction of approach) placing for both flags. At no point did we consider the "30m rule" as (a) the sites were 40m apart on the map, (b) we never considered the 2 features to be "a close combination of controls which could be confused by competitors". In reality, the sites were probably closer than 30m apart on the ground (though we never checked this as we didn't think we had any reason to), and the competitor who made the comment approached from a direction we didn't expect! In retrospect moving the flag further from the tree would perhaps have been fairer. I am undecided as to whether we were culpable here - on the one hand we deliberately placed the flags to be as fair as possible, and the controls were on entirely separate dissimilar features all clearly seen on the map; on the other I should have accepted Keith's reluctance to use the veg. boundary and used another site - my responsibility and my apologies.

We were very fortunate with the weather - it meant we got to give the waterproof maps a thorough test. The vast majority of comments on how well they stood up to that test were very positive. I personally didn't realise that you can "revitalise" the map by taking it into the bath with you after your run, then putting it in the airing cupboard for a couple of hours. Those competitors who discarded theirs in disgust in the Peaslake School refreshments bin after their run may like to try this technique. (We still have some unused course maps for anyone in this situation - available on receipt of an sae to: 8 Athenaeum Rd, Whetstone, London N20 9AE).

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Keith, our controller. He happily went beyond the call of duty both in advance of the event (lots of site-checking, OCAD-tweaking and advice-providing, helping and advising on various logistical issues, etc.), and on the day itself in emergency-box-hanging to enable you all to start on time, and wet-control-collecting. Primarily, however, he improved all your courses by (a) shepherding us away from a number of unsuitable, unfair, vague control sites, and (b) pointing out ways to make the TD1-3 courses fairer, and the TD5 courses more difficult, than they would otherwise have been.

Big thanks also to our helpers (especially those getting increasingly cold and not getting to run), and our control-hanger (who very sensibly returned to base when he realised he was running late thus allowing you all to start on time) and control-collectors (many hands make light work).

This was my first attempt at planning a Regional/Badge event. The comments we've received have certainly encouraged me to have another go. Also, we had a large number of beginners at the event, specifically first-timers in family groups and the like. It probably has a lot to do with the nature of Holmbury, but every one of these groups we spoke to either in the woods or afterwards seemed to be having great fun whilst looking thoroughly bedraggled - very encouraging.

Pete Sacares and Matt Cook

Organiser's Comments

Sunspot activity runs in eleven year cycles; so, too, it seems does the LOK badge / regional event on Holmbury activity. Eleven years ago sunspot activity was at a low, LOK put on a badge event on Holmbury, Saturday was fine, Sunday rain, Monday fine, parking on forest tracks.
Hmmm, I think I see a pattern here.
As far as I know there were no major problems and the minor ones were sorted 'toot sweet'. I hope the weather and the long schlep to / from the start / finish did not detract from your enjoyment.
Thanks (a) to all of you for coming, (b) to the Hurtwood Control land owners and Ranger for letting us put on the event, (c) to the controller for his help and guidance, (d) to the planners for putting on some spiffing courses, (e) to the helpers for, well, helping and finally, (f) to the Peaslake School PTA for providing the nosh.
I got home late, tired, v. wet and happy. Here's to the next Holmbury event and the next sunspot minima.
P.S. If you lost something let us know; we may have it.

Nick Vass


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Lauren Edwards

2 1/2



Freddie Cocks

1 4/12



Catriona Minty




Isabel Minty




James Errington




Peter Errington




Jemma Gostick




Ben Gostick




Alistair Cocks




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Badge Times

Class     Gold    Silver   Bronze    

M21L      94:12   113:03   150:44
M21S      65:51    79:02   105:22
M21V      42:31    51:01    68:01
M35L      96:45   116:06   154:48
M35S      65:30    78:36   104:48
M40L      88:08   105:45   141:01
M40S      59:40    71:36    95:28
M45L      80:31    96:37   128:50
M45S      51:58    62:22    83:10
M50L      77:10    92:37   123:29
M50S      49:49    59:47    79:43
M55L      65:16    78:20   104:26
M55S      42:10    50:36    67:29
M60L      72:18    86:45   115:41
M60S      41:09    49:23    65:51
M65L      63:34    76:17   101:43
M65S      46:07    55:20    73:47
M70L      60:59    73:11    97:35
M75L      77:48    93:22   124:30
W21L      90:30   108:36   144:48
W21S      58:25    70:06    93:28
W21V      42:23    50:51    67:49
W35L      85:28   102:34   136:46
W35S      55:13    66:16    88:22
W40L      78:00    93:36   124:48
W40S      50:24    60:28    80:38
W45L      64:21    77:13   102:58
W45S      46:41    56:01    74:42
W50L      64:42    77:39   103:32
W50S      36:47    44:09    58:52
W55L      76:51    92:13   122:58
W55S      53:03    63:40    84:54
W60L      65:33    78:40   104:54
W60S      45:16    54:19    72:25
W65L      68:32    82:15   109:40
W70L      79:41    95:37   127:30
W75L      72:12    86:39   115:32
JM1       18:41    22:25    29:54
JM2       26:53    32:16    43:02
JM3       48:35    58:18    77:44
JM4       38:16    45:55    61:14
JM5L      69:40    83:36   111:28
JM5M      60:45    72:54    97:12
JM5S      41:17    49:33    66:04
JW2       75:15    90:18   120:24
JW3       55:30    66:36    88:48
JW4       46:58    56:22    75:10
JW5L      75:47    90:57   121:16
JW5S      62:13    74:40    99:34