Results for LOK SENile Event - Saturday 25th Feb 2006

SI Comment

Apologies to everyone that the SI did not perform correctly for the event. This was my fault - I decided to program the controls in Training Mode rather than Competition Mode because I was doing it on Wednesday (ie a few days beforehand), and thought this would help conserve battery life. The fatal mistake was not realising that when the controls are awoken in Training Mode, they start at Zero time, and thus it is necessary to awaken them all at the same time, rather than just as one is putting them out in the forest! So with all the controls carrying a different time, the splits being produced looked pretty weird (a few of you managing to run legs in negative amounts of time!).

After getting home (and warming up a tad), I was able to interrogate the SI units and determine the degree of difference between them - which in turn meant being able to adjust the times as necessary to correct them. This worked fine for the Start and Finish controls and I am thus confident that the Run times and Results are accurate. However, by the time I was doing this, some of the earlier controls had started to 'go to sleep' again as I had set them to 4 hours working time - which meant that I was not able to recover correction data for all the controls (because waking them up zeros the clock of course). For this reason, I am not able to post splits in the usual way. I hope this does not cause you too much inconvenience and that you enjoyed the event notwithstanding.

Thanks to the stalwart team, John, Neil, Ronan and Julie, Richard and Pavla, and sorry for making things more taxing than they might have been!

Glen Jones

Planner's Comments

Planning a night event on Trent Park is not all that difficult. There is plenty of scope ti design corses suitable for all abilities: there is a 
good mixture of open parkland, line features and collection [oints to aid the less experienced orienteer and the added bonus of an east-west road to 
aim for if all else is lost! On the other hand, the northern part of the map provided some more challenging aspects for the more experienced on the 
Navy Course. I did not hear any adverse coments, so I assume you all enjoyed a cold but clear night out.

My thanks to Ronan and Julie Cleary for taking over at short notice from the sadly flu-struck controller (I hope Simon is up and running again); 
their advice and fine tuning of the courses was appreciated; also, thanks to Ronan for figuring out how to wake up apparently dormant. or even deceased controls! Thanks too to Glen for doing all the hard work on results, etc for a technophobe planner!
I hope to see at least some of you again on Trent Park for our FROLICS competition and, hopefully, our Grand Opening of the Permanent Course there (negotiations still under way).

John Hardy

Organiser's Comments

To Follow

Neil Brooks


LOK SENile event - Trent Park  25 Feb 2006
Course First name Surname S YB Club Net Time
Ochre Course (2.1km  10 controls)
1 Gregan Wilkinson M 88 GO 00:29:34
2 Ceris Burgues F 95 HAVOC 00:38:27
3 Bernadette & Louise F 80 IND 00:41:10
4 Four Bats M 58 HAVOC 00:48:28
Olive Course (3.3km  11 controls)
1 David Saunders M 59 HH 00:29:20
2 Neil Lewer M 66 MV 00:30:35
3 Bryony Turrell F 83 ULOC 00:38:54
4 Andreas Schroeder M 71 SOS 00:41:52
5 Nacho Orozco M 78 IND 00:42:17
6 Gary &  Matthew M 70 HH 00:58:07
7 Penny Parkes F 57 HH 01:06:37
mp Cyndi Chiao F 76 ULOC 01:17:16
Navy Course (5.63km  16 controls)
1 Graham Parkes M 89 HH 00:42:17
2 Simon Evans M 80 SLOW 00:43:02
3 Sian Challacombe F 78 HH 00:57:19
4 Stephen Waite M 50 CROC 00:58:40
5 Sarah Louise Francis F 68 SN 01:00:24
6 Paul Todd M 75 LOK 01:01:04
7 Roger Moulding M 46 HH 01:04:16
8 Ian Brown M 56 GO 01:08:39
9 Mike Elliot M 51 MV 01:11:13
10 Kevin Parkes M 58 HH 01:15:55
11 Sean Mitchell M 72 IND 01:18:34
12 Darrell Smith M 67 CHIG 01:26:06
mp Wayne Gret M 64 IND
mp Steve Mason M 64 IND