Results for LOK Leith Hill District Event - Sunday 23rd October 2005

These are now Final results.

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Controller's Comments

I had very little to do, thanks to Glenís expert organisation, Gillís excellent courses and the Clearys pre-event controlling and it wasnít until the weekend of the event that I switched from an armchair official to the real thing. Everything was in place and all went smoothly Ė many thanks to the LOK team who made it all happen so well.

Leith Hill wasnít chosen for the World Cup Middle race for nothing! Now (thanks to the new map) the intricate parts can be used, it has become the only area in the South East having level 5 (the highest) technical difficulty and is, in my view, one of the most technically challenging areas in Britain. With extra undergrowth since the World Cup, todayís courses became even more interesting and caught many competitors by surprise, leading to a much higher than usual retirement rate. I hope that those who were defeated by the courses will not be deterred and will come back to Leith Hill another time to seek revenge!

David May

Planner's Comments

Well this was my first ever go at planning and I was very fortunate to have such a superb area to plan on. I have to give a lot of credit to Ronan and Julie Cleary, who mentored me through the whole process (and did the OCAD work) - without their input the task would have been impossible. I have learnt a huge amount - going from thinking that I had no idea how to plan a good course to feeling fairly confident I could do it again. I loved the time I spent on Leith and feel privileged to have planned there.

Everything worked very well on the day, thanks to Glen's thorough organisation. The weather was perfect and there were lots of favourable comments at the finish - even from those who didn't manage to complete their courses.

Thanks to Pete for taking on the role of assistant planner on the weekend and to David May who had a tough job with our tight deadlines. Thanks also to all those who helped put out or bring in controls.

Most of all, thanks to you all for coming and for all your comments.

Gill Adams

Organiser's Comments

A beautiful sunset on Saturday evening from the car park, and then an equally lovely dawn on Sunday - in a week of grim weather we were very fortunate to have such a lovely day! As this was my first event as organiser I had only checked the weather forecast about 200 times in the preceding week!

A good turnout of 430 competitors, great views from the car park area, and even yummy tea and cakes courtesy of Peaslake School. Apologies to the person who came from a direction we hadn't signed and had a bit of difficulty finding us. Commiserations to the gentleman who dropped his car key down the toilet (lucky it happened early in the day!). And a rap on the knuckles to one competitor (who ought to know better) for leaving without downloading after having given up!

Many people played a tremendous part in ensuring the event ran smoothly - to them a heartfelt thank you from me. Especially thanks to Colin Grimes (landowner of the parking area), the Wotton Estate (landowner of Leith Hill) and long suffering local residents, without whose forbearance the event could not have happened. Also to the Planning team (Gill, Ronan & Julie) for splendid courses (which were widely praised), to David May for helpful and positive Controlling and advice, to Malcolm Mair and the ACF team for help with parking, and finally to the stalwart group of LOK helpers who worked hard from early to late to make the event run smoothly (what did we do before mobile telephones?).

I hope everyone enjoyed the day (even if you don't feel you acquitted yourself as well as you would have wished in the battle against the Hill!) - and please come back to another LOK event soon. [Thursday 3 Nov - Street O, Hampstead,  Boxing Day Score Event (Trent Park),  Sat Feb 25, Senile Night Event Trent Park]

Glen Jones

Summary Results (no splits)

Results with split times




Leith Hill String Course - 23rd October 2005
Name Age Club Time
Tristan 28m Ind. 22.16
Jocelyn Brett 6 LOK 8.03
Oliver Brett 3 LOK 13.27
Aimee 2 GO 24.58
Joseph 7 BKO 5.06
Deborah 10 BKO 4.10
Alice 10 BKO 5.23
Alex 13 BKO 3.37
'Team Williamson' various SLOW 17.43
Emmeline 6 Ind. 6.41
Lilly 2 Ind. 20.55
Isobel Campbell 8 SO 6.58
Emily 8 SO 6.58
Joanna 4 Ind. 12.33
Ben 5 Ind. 11.35
Jessica 7 Ind. 9.02
Laura 7 Ind. 9.52
Sammy 7 Ind. 11.48
Naomi 6 SN 5.59
Erin 5 Ind. 9.15
Imogen 7 Ind. 9.15
Ashleigh 6 Ind. 6.47
James 4 Ind. 14.05
Naomi (2) 6 SN 5.33
Samuel 10 BADO 4.40
William 9 CROC 4.25
Adam 6 CROC 5.33
Frances 12 Ind. 5.27
Sophie 12 Ind. 5.27
Hugh 10 GO 4.46
Rhianna 7 GO 6.35
Ashleigh (2) 6 Ind. 6.25
Isobelle 7 BADO 7.52
Lucy 8 MV 5.05
Julia 7 MV 9.50