LOK / CROC SENiLe Event - Addington - 12 Feb 2005

Organiser's Comments - Alison High

Many thanks to all the helpers who came along to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Neither CROC nor LOK are big clubs, but working together was a definite success! It was good to have the start and finish so close to the car park, and it was nice to have a chance to chat to runners at the finish. 

Thanks also to Croydon Council for permission to use the area; to Richard for his courses; and particularly to Ronan and Julie Cleary for all their help and support - it was a pleasure working with them and learning from their very professional approach.

Finally, just a quick plug for the next CROC event - 19th March 2005 at Gatton Park, Redhill. It's a Chasing Sprint race (part of the Southern Express) on a brand new area of fast parkland. Paul Whiston is busy planning some great courses, and it promises to be a morning of exciting, fast, close racing!! We look forward to seeing you there.

Ali High

Planner's Comments - Richard Blake

Addington Hills although a very small area is complex enough to present adequate challenges, especially for the night orienteer as a number of competitors found on the evening. However, comments from finishers on the courses were generally positive. The use of SI punching made planning easier as the longer courses needed to make more than one loop to achieve the required distances. Thanks to our co-event arrangers CROC for the organisation.

Controllers' Comments - Ronan & Julie Cleary

As both Alison and Richard say, this was a very successful joint event between CROC and LOK - the first of many we hope. Alison persuaded many CROCs to come along and help, and I'm sure the soup at the finish was very welcome. Richard's courses provided a good night challenge on what is a lovely little area - surprisingly difficult due to the many
re-entrants and spurs. Glen, as usual, was our SI Co-ordinator, and LOK are very lucky to have such a willing and capable volunteer who turns up at every event we hold. Thank you - to all our helpers.

Thanks also to a couple of people for the comments about the 1:5000 map (it used to be a 1:7500) - we thought it might give competitors valuable experience before the World Cup Sprint races which will also be at 1:5000.

Next plans for an Addington event will be as part of the 2006 Southern Express series - we look forward to seeing you there.

Julie & Ronan Cleary (Controlling Team)

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