Boxing Day Score Event 2004 - Trent Park

Preliminary Results as at 27th December 16.00

With apologies for the delay (family Christmas etc.), the preliminary results for the LOK Boxing Day Score Event 2004, held at Trent Park are below.

We had a small glitch on the day (no printer driver for the results printer) which meant we were unable to provide immediate printed times. Sorry for any inconvenience, but you will find splits on one of the links below.

One of the controls (119) worked only intermittently. Some of you managed to punch it, many didn't. We tried to note everyone's name at the end who had visited the control but not got a bleep. Their results have been manually amended. I have assumed you visited 119 as the last control on the last full minute before punching the finish - this will indicate an extraordinary burst of speed from 119 to the finish!

What glorious weather it was! Thank you to everyone who took part, and to those LOK members who kindly helped.

Glen Jones (SI)

Summary Results

Results with Splits